Tech Info


Cobra Carbide continues to invest in state-of-the-art equipment such as Walters, Rolomatic, TrueTech and more. Each tool is designed and inspected to insure precision, consistency and everything you expect of a well-made tool. Our standard cutting tools are manufactured to the following tolerances:

  • Cutting Diameter on Standard End Mills: +.000/-.002

    Cutting Diameter on Roughing End Mills: +.000/-.005

    Ball Nose: +.000/-.002

    Shank Diameter: -.0001/-.0004

    Radius: +.001/-.001

    Run-Out Tolerance: .0005 maximum shank to cutting diameter on all except Long Length

    If you need tools designed to a different specification, we’ll be glad to help; Specials are one of our many stregths.