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Purchasing Power is an exclusive program designed to reward Cobra Carbide customers based on their annual purchase volume. Increasing your buying activity can elevate your discount price level, maximizing your savings and enhancing your purchasing power.

How it Works

Tiered Discounts
Purchasing Power offers two tiers of discounts:
Level 1: Starts at a 25% discount.
Level 2: Progresses to a 35% discount.
Annual Purchase Volume
Your annual purchase volume from Cobra Carbide determines your discount level.

Key Benefits

Increased Savings
Enjoy higher discounts as you increase your annual purchasing volume.
Enhanced Buying Power
Access better pricing to optimize your budget and procurement strategy.
Reward for Loyalty
We recognize and reward your commitment to partnering with Cobra Carbide for your cutting tool needs.

Get Started

Track your annual purchases with Cobra Carbide to unlock the benefits of Purchasing Power and elevate your discount price level.

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